HSBC Cyclo-Cross National Trophy Series 2019
Round 1 – Derby – 33rd
After my first week back from illness and off-season, my fitness was quite low, meaning through the race I had to battle and fight just to hold a top 40. So certainly not my best performance, but considering the factors and my trading time it wasn’t too much of a surprise.
Round 2 – Milnthorpe – 35th

The course was super tough and muddy and slow. I had a lack lustre start and was caught up in quite a few crashes in the first lap. I spent the rest of the race throwing myself on the floor, and getting frustrated , before being put out of my misery and finishing. This race was certainly one to forget, it was a physical and mental battering.
Round 3- Irvine – 8th
Long drive north, too a cold and windy Scotland. My preparation for this was much greater than the previous round, and earlier in the week I’d finally felt normal. I was looking forward to this round because it was a slightly stripped back field , which meant I could get a better result. In the race I was gridded 33rd , and worked my way up to 14th in the first lap, then continued to pick off riders until I got into 8th where I held my position. I was much happier with my race and was relieved that I’d found my mojo again
Round 4- Crawley – 7th
After another long drive south to Crawley we had arrived. The course was shorter and more flowing than the previous year, and also the mud stayed much more wet which meant it was less heavy too. I had a storming start being in 3rd for the first half lap. I maintained 5th with a good advantage, but I dropped my chain and continued to fight for 6th, I lost in the sprint after a tense last half lap, so I finished 7th. We had a good race overall, I say we as my dad was top pit man doing half lap changes , and dealing with a muddy commute from the pits to the wash area. I was pleased with my result , and was also happy that I had to contest and fight for my result, which was rewarding. All in, a good weekend.