I arrived at the course on the morning of the day. The course was fairly muddy after a day’s racing, then made worse by raining all night. I did three laps of the course and it was really muddy with lots of steep banks with lots of running and top end power sections. I did a good warm up and the legs felt good. I was gridded on the third row after the last round at Derby.

I had an alright start. The start straight went straight onto the mud and when sprinting there wasn’t much traction. I got caught behind a slight crash and was forced to run after this.  I lost a few positions and made them back up after the first two laps. The course had got worse since I did my course practice, which meant I was now learning that there  were sections that were faster to run rather the rear wheel spinning.

I was feeling fairly good and was holding something back for the last couple of laps as if you started struggling you would lose a lot of time. I was riding the course smoother each lap, but making the same mistakes on sections which I couldn’t clear.

I changed the bike and it felt a lot faster having a lighter bike with no mud clogging it up.  This only lasted for a 100 metres. With two laps to go I dropped my chain on a fast decent, I was going to put it back on but the chain ring was clogged up with mud around the chain catcher which didn’t work for purpose. This forced me to run quite a long way. On slight down hills I would scoot the bike which was a bit faster and I could save my running legs for the next run. I lost three positions and lost contact with people I was right behind. I kept pushing on and was going fairly well.

I was fairly happy with my result in some really tough conditions. Now I am going to put some really long and hard miles in to get myself into the best condition possible for the road season as that’s my focus next year as I want to do well.