The course was very twisty and incredibly bumpy, I only got chance to ride the lap once in the 30-minutes given to ride the course. I had a good warm up and made my way to the start. I was gridded second to last on the third row.

I had a really good start and got up with the riders that were on the front row by the first lap. Then it was straight into single track, where I lost some time. I moved up on on the climb after first single track descent. I kept on moving up whenever I could. My legs felt really good and felt comfortable.

Around half way through my second lap I started to get some back pain with the constant bumps on the dry course. After the second lap I started pacing myself. After the first A-line there was a section where you go around a tree at a bit of speed; I went too fast and hit the first tree at some speed with my hip and bounced off the tree and hit a second one. I had to stop for few seconds to get my head back in gear. I was struggling to pedal at the start,but got better. l was in 8th place at the time of my crash and lost seven places due to the crash.

I was very disappointed with my race, as I felt I didn’t get to have a good race. The legs were there, but my skill level on the bike wasn’t. This meant I couldn’t get all my power out.

Now I need to train really hard for Junior Tour of Wales on August bank holiday.