British MTB XC Championships – Cannock Chase – Race Report by Huw Buck Jones

As we arrived on the Saturday it started chucking it down just as I went out for a practice lap.  Luckily it soon cleared but the course was very wet and soggy, the course was very similar to when we were previously there racing in the British Series apart from a couple of new sections.  The only problem I had with the course was that there was no rhythm to it and a lot of stop starts, apart from that the rest was good with nice technical sections, which I practiced.

We all started warming up as usual on Sunday morning however, we were notified that the start was delayed for 30mins so had to stop the warm up and start all over again a bit later.  Whilst I was waiting on the start line for the whistle I was quite nervous because the last time I was here I was on the floor in the first corner and did not want it to happen again, luckily I did not repeat my previous mistake.

I got a good start and was in 7thleaving the arena section, moving up through the pack and was comfortably sitting in 4th / 5th with another rider during the first lap but as I progressed through the race I started to fade and could not keep up the pace with the other rider and was slipping back towards other riders, this continued throughout the rest of the race.

In the end I finished 6th which I am pleased of but I was more frustrated with myself not being able to sustain the same pace and effort through each lap