The course was very flat and mostly on farm fields and tracks, with 2 wooded sections which were fast and tight. The final wooded section included all of the A lines, which were very tame being steep straight slopes.
I had an good start holding position well, so I didn’t lose anytime on anyone, after the start there was a group of 5 stronger riders. We stayed together because of the flat course, and I attacked a couple of times in the first lap and a half (out of 4), before backing off because nothing would stick. I made sure each lap that I was the first into the final wooded section , because I knew that splits would happen through the A lines. At the end of the 3rd lap in the woods there was quite a few back markers who we had to pass, because I was on the front it was easy for me to pass. I passed a back marker before the final A line, and I managed to get a gap because the other racers didn’t get passed, I finally had a gap and then it was a matter of going full gas to the line. Thankfully I stayed away and took the win by 40-seconds.
I’m happy to take my first National Win on the mountain bike, and especially as I’ve been working towards this for a while it makes it even sweeter. Onto National mountain bike and road championships, in the coming week. Thanks to my dad for driving 5hrs to ride round fields!