We travelled down to Pembrey on the Saturday morning and it was a very warm day.  I did 2 laps of the course when I arrived, but it was too hot, so I did another 2-laps after tea at around 8pm when it was cooler.

The course was quite short compared with others we usually race on being only around 10-minutes per lap.  It was also one of those courses where you had no place to rest especially in the sandy section, because it took a lot of energy and effort to get through.

On race day morning the weather was much better as it was cooler but still warm.  On the first lap myself, team mate Ben Bright and Griff Lewis were in the lead and pulling away from the rest of the pack.  Throughout the race Ben was at the front, followed by me and Griff.  The pace was very fast and we were averaging nearly 15mph.

On the last lap, after the final A-line, there is a long stretch of tarmac leading up to a short section of single track then the finishing field, I attacked with about 200m of tarmac left and managed to pass Ben. Griff followed me with Ben on his wheel.  I just had to maintain my position through the final single track and push hard to the line, which I managed and won the Welsh MTB XC Championship once more.  It was a very tough, close race between the 3 of us.