I had my hopes set pretty high in the attempt to win my third Welsh MTB xc champion title. However, I was going to give it my all and do everything I could to win. When I arrived on the Saturday I went and rode the course, and I found it quite flat however technical at times due to the sand and exposed roots.

I turned up at the start line and I felt pretty prepared for the race to come. The race began and I had a pretty good start but so did the other riders, so the race was on for first position into the first signal track and I knew I had to be the first there for a good chance to win. After reaching that single track first I pressed on the pedals and went hard.

After that first lap I was told I had a 20-second lead, that focused me to increase that lead. I also wanted to prove that I could lap as fast as the elites. I won with a lead over 5-minutes.

Well done to everybody who raced, and thanks to all the sponsors. I am really chuffed to be the Welsh MTB XC champion for the third year running.