I was very lucky that this year’s Welsh Championships was on local ride, that I have previously ridden many times. I rode the course again on the Tuesday before the race and did a little easy warm on the day of the race as I knew it was going to be hard out of the neutral section.

I had a good start and was in the middle of the bunch and I moved up on the little kickers before Nant Y Garth. I came into the climb about 15th place and the pace was steady up most of the climb, apart from two attacks which didn’t go anywhere. I was aware that people would switch off after the climb, but there was a little steep kicker. I didn’t manage to hold my position very well, which meant I had to waste some energy to get a better position before the long rolling descent with a slight cross wind. I got to the front and didn’t take many turns due to my junior gears.

The descent into Corwen was pretty fast, but I found time to have a cereal bar. The pace really ranked up on the tail wind section back into Ruthin from Corwen. The rain also started, which made it even more fun for me! It felt really weird riding my local riders so much faster than I’ve done before. The descent into Ruithin was pretty hard, as was holding 60kph on the flat sections.

The next time up the Nant y Garth was pretty calm. This continued down the descent with some of the faster riders hopping off the front. All juniors were marking each other so it wasn’t worth attempting to get away.

We came on to the final circuit which we would do four times. The pace really backed off as the riders who were controlling the pace had gone up the road. On the last half lap I attacked before a corner, but was marked by a juniors older team mate who was in the senior category. I could of gone longer without this rider, but I could only hold around 200w which wasn’t helping. I got back in the bunch and held my position near the front, then I made a big mistake… as I came out of the final corner I decided to launch into my sprint with over 600 metres to go, I got a gap, but as I sit down I felt like getting out of the saddle again, as i did I got cramp in my right quad.

I rolled in over the line in ninth place junior. I wasn’t too happy with the result, but was happy with my fitness after only having
two quality weeks on my bike since my exams.