The course was the same as last year, which was next to the coast, racing though the closed streets.

I had a very short warm up of 8-minutes, as tthe course  opened early for a sighting session 10-minutes earlier than I expected.  I need to make sure I read the manual in full detail in the future! I found myself at the back of the pack of 40-riders for this practice lap. We then had a ‘neutral lap’, which was at race-pace, but I didn’t make up any positions for the start.

I had a good start and made my way through the pack for the first five-minutes, which was made difficult by the fast pace set at the front, which consisted of a max sprint four-times a lap.

The first twenty minutes was the hardest due to people fighting for a good spot in the pace-line, as the course was one rider wide all the way round. After this time people were getting tired and lots of people were getting dropped. I was feeling fairly comfortable considering the high pace and stayed in the leading group.

Throughout the race I kept reminding myself to save energy for when I needed it by trying to rush the gaps in the corners and remaining seated to keep the power lower. This would all add up at the end, as I would need all my energy.

Apart from sprinting out of the corners nothing much else happened, except getting caught behind lapped riders and the race being neutralised because of a crash with ten-minutes to go. The stop didn’t help as I had a bad start and this allowed some riders who were on the limit to recover and dig deep for the remaining laps.

With a lap to go it was hectic and after crossing the line for the final time I saw a big gap down the outside of the corner.  My aim was to get into the gap near to the front and that would limit other juniors passing me. This didn’t work as someone messed up the corner, so I lost my speed and found myself chasing.  I thought it wasn’t worth risking anything else and lose all the good work I had done. I’m glad I did, as there was almost a very bad crash at the end.

I came across the line in 16th place and 5th junior, which I was fairly content with after only limited training during my exams. I now need to focus on getting some volume in before Welsh Road Race Championships next weekend.