The circuit was based in Aberystwyth town centre and was last year’s Tour Series course, so it’s fast and technical with lots of kicks out of the corners and a small drag and a steep descent.
race was started twice due to crashes on each attempt.  When it finally started it was very fast from the gun, which made it difficult to get a good position. On the 3rd lap I attacked, and then Josh Tarling counter attacked off my move and he got a small gap. I launched the chase and held the gap before pulling off and discovering a lot of riders looking around, this delay meant Josh extended his lead which he held for the whole race. About 3 of us in the group were chasing, but not very smoothly and so we couldn’t reel him back in.
All-in-all I had a decent performance, considering I felt a bit tired. I did everything I could to get the lead back and had a hard fought race from the off.
Thanks to my parents for taking me and the sponsors.