The course in Cannock is relatively lumpy, with small climbs no longer than 2-minutes long and lots of short tight descents, with a rock garden and bomb hole as the A-lines.
My start was ok as I didn’t lose too much distance, although I got caught in 6th for two thirds of the first lap. After I got passed the 4 riders it was then a matter of chasing, and by the end of the 2nd lap I had caught the leader, Corran. I decided to ride passed and in front of him, because I knew I could ride the climbs faster and on the descents I would slow him up. On the final lap before the rock garden, Corran ‘dive bombed’ me into a corner and got an advantage on the A-line because he was riding it faster. I spent the remainder of the lap chasing, and by the finish I was only 3 seconds off.
I’m pleased with my performance, as I’m being consistent and I contested with Corran. I’m happy with my legs , and now know that I’ll be able to challenge Corran in Aberystwyth in a couple weekends time.