Ioan Oldfield Round 2 Hadleigh Park HSBC  XC Mountain Biking -14/4/19 – 1st Place

Arrived at Hadleigh in time for the second half of the first practice session on Saturday. I signed on and headed out, on arriving at the first A line I was unsure about riding it so took the B line and carried on the rest of the lap. I was happy with all the other A lines except for the hill rock garden. After watching a few people ride the rock garden and then having lots of go’s at it and not being able to get over the second rock I decided it would be faster to ride the B line. Then I rode back up to the first A line and watched a few people riding it I decided to have a go, I rolled up to it at a decent pace and let the bike do what it did! I survived! I did this a few more times to gain confidence- this saved at least 10 seconds on the B line.

I headed out for a slow lap to check my laps and then a fast lap to check my lines at speed. I was happy and ready and went back to camp to relax.

Race day- waking up and seeing that it had rained, I decided to have a look at the flat corners to check tyre pressure and how the course was running. I then went back to camp to warm up on the rollers. Headed over to the start and I was gridded on the front row. I had a decent start and I was sitting in about 5th for most of the first lap, I then started to move up the field passing some of the under 16s. On the second lap I passed a lot of riders not knowing that most of them were under 14s. As I came into the start, finish arena I could hear the commentator saying something but I wasn’t sure what he was saying so I carried on trying to bridge the gap to the leader not knowing that I was the leader!

For the final lap I was pushing harder and as I rode up the final hill the commentator said that under 14s winner was finishing and then he started to call my name and I was happy!!  Second place was about 30secs behind. I was extremely happy with my race.