Ioan Oldfield -Round 2  West Midlands Youth Circuit Series 7/4/19


I arrived at the Circuit an hour before my race, signed on and had my gears checked. Then I relaxed for a bit before starting to warm up on the rollers.

At the start of the race both of my clips came out so I had to sprint to get back on to the group. The first few laps were a decent speed but then the attacks started to happen but nothing stuck. I decided to go for an attack with 10 laps to go getting away with a group of seven riders. This split the race.

Coming into the last few laps nobody was willing to take the pace and the second group was closing the gap. I decided to go to the front and take up the speed. I was leading going into the last lap but then tucked in until the bottom corner before going for a long sprint coming third overall. It was a good race.