BMBS round 1 – Sherwood Pines 23rd – 24th March
I felt quite fit going into the mountain bike season after coming off of a strong Cyclocross season. Me and my Dad left early Saturday morning to get to Sherwood Pines for around 11:30, just before the first practice session. I did 2 laps of the course, it was pretty much the opposite way around to last year: very flat, tight in places, dry, and no major technical areas – so it was going to be a fast race. I did one final practice lap in the second session to see if much had changed since the fun race (which it hadn’t) before putting my bike away for the night.

Early Sunday morning I was warming up on the rollers and was soon ready to start. I was gridded 2nd row in a race of only 22 girls. My start wasn’t at all great but I managed to stay with a large group for the first half lap, a couple of riders pulled away off of the front leaving around 5 to 6 riders left. As I had anticipated, the race was really fast, we where sprinting out of every corner and every straight, coming towards the end of the first lap I was starting to drop back from the group until they where 100m or so in front, I saw that another girl had dropped off of the back so throughout the second lap I focussed on trying to maintain the gap. However I had lost sight of her going into the last lap, instead I focussed on trying to keep up with some of the U14 girls who had caught me up. I finished 18th which I was a little disappointed with.

On the whole I’m really happy with the improvements I have made over the winter as I knew I wouldn’t have been able to keep up with the main group last season. I hope that I can keep improving, and am looking forward to the season to come.