Round 1 British MTB, Sherwood Pines – race report by Ioan Oldfield

Got to Sherwood at 12.30 quarter way through the practice session. During this practice session  I did 2 laps of the course looking at lines. In the second session I did a slow lap and a fast lap to see the lines at pace and they were fine. Then I cleaned my bike and checked it over before putting it in the van for the night.

Race day I woke up at 7 and then had my breakfast. I got my bike and rollers out of the van Then getting into my new kit and started my warm up.  After finishing my warm up and heading down to the start, I was gridded on the third row . I had a good start getting into the top 10 after the first skinny section, I went past a lot and getting into 8th. I was by myself for a lap and a half and then got caught and stayed in that group for the rest off the race.  In that group we caught 1 person and coming in to the arena I was second in the group and in the sprint I got past him winning the sprint and came 7th. It was a good race.