HSBC National Trophy Series Round 6 – 4th – 6/1/19 – Shrewsbury
We drove to Shrewsbury for morning practice before my race, I had been keeping my eye on weather and was praying for some rain and mud, although neither arrived so it was dry and slick. The course was very fast and flat with lots of fast flow sections, and 3 pretty hairy off cambers.
My start was bad, but not my worst as I still hung in the top 20. Although the poor start meant I was 20-50m behind the front runners. As I was overtaking people the top 3 riders pulled away and I was left passing and chasing. I rode myself into 4th with two laps to go and was going full gas to catch the leaders, but I was only matching their pace. I rode quite smoothly throughout the race, with some small near misses, which didn’t rock my momentum.
I was happy with my result, although I was a little bit bitter about my poor start, as it is always is my weakness in these races. I did prove that I have the legs to stay with the front riders, but just need to sort out my starts. All in all I can come away confident that my legs are good enough to do well next weekend in National Championships.
Thanks to my Mum and Dad and sponsors for the support as always.