After a hard week of training in Newport with Welsh Cycling and only one night at home I was on my way to Shrewsbury.  It was a short drive for a change only taking us 2hrs.  During practice on the Saturday I only did 3 slow and steady laps, trying to preserve myself for the race on Sunday.  The course had very sloppy and slippery mud and there was not much traction apart from in the wooded section.  The woods were my favorite part of the course, because I preferred the single track and technical parts, with the course being about 8:30 mins at race pace.  The course also had some tricky off camber sections and plenty of corners as well.

My start was alright but I was about 15th going into the first off camber corner, right at the end of it there was a big pile up and I had to take avoiding action to get round it.  I was sitting about 8th at the end of the first lap but then team mate Ben Bright came flying past me closely followed by another rider, Josh Tarling, about 10 seconds later.  I found myself in no man’s land for about half a lap with faster riders ahead of me but could see other riders closing behind.  I decided to push and managed to close the gap on one rider ahead and stick with him for the rest of the race, passing him with around a lap to go but losing out on the final sprint but I was still chuffed to with 10th.

The British cyclocross season  is over for another year and I can’t wait for the MTB season to start.