I rode the course on the Saturday prior to the race, as my race was early on Sunday Morning. The course on Saturday was completely different to Sunday. The course was muddy including a long muddy run, two off-camber sections with hurdles before the hardest one.

I have never tried to jump the hurdles at a national race, but I managed to jump them three out of four times, which really helped going into the off camber. I decided not to jump them on the day as I wouldn’t be as controlled due to being tired.

I really liked the course as it was physical demanding and technical, but I didn’t quite like the running section as much.

I had a on and off warm up due to some passing showers, but felt ready to start hard. I was gridded on the fifth row, which didn’t bother me too much as the start section was 300 metres long on tarmac then straight onto the mud. I got a really good start and was top 15 going into the first corner. I got passed by a few stronger riders who got caught up in the start. I kept pushing on as hard as possible as I knew it was the best time to move up positions as time gaps were small. I and most people were finding the off camber sections difficult to ride or run, but some people were making easy work of it.

I was feeling really strong and was sitting in the 20th on the last lap, but the rider closed the gap on the long run. I then extended the gap on the decent, coming into the hurdles I had 5 bike lengths and the rider behind jumped the hurdles and managed to stay on the bike longer.

 I came across the line in 21st which I happy with, but I was mainly really happy with my performance on the day. For the next British rounds I need to work on running, jumping hurdles and some more top end power for kicking out of the corners.