After a long log up to Irvine (basically Glasgow) the day before the race, I did my course practice. The course was very fast and was very similar to a crit race circuit, this meant it wasn’t overly technical apart from the two short sand sections, and even those were tame. It also had some off-cambers two small gradual climbs, but nothing significant.  The track was around 6 minutes at race pace.
My race start was delayed by 10 minute; impressively by a crash after the end of the girls race between two riders (after!). Anyway my start was a bit sluggish, but I managed to hang on to top 30, going into the first sand section there was a pile up, I dismounted and avoided this managing to get back in the top 10. I continued to progress for the next two laps through the field, before the second to last lap when I was beginning to get ragged.  I decided to back-off a little and focus on smoothness, and then go all out for the final lap. In the last lap I caught up two riders before the second sand pit where they both went to ‘play in the sand’.  After making a sand castle! I continued to finish in 5th place behind one of the riders who had puncture during their crash in the sand.
All in all I was happy with the my best National result so far.  I am now looking forward to my first British training camp during this half-term holiday…it’s going to be mega! Thank you to my Mum and Dad for doing 9hrs of travelling for a 30-minute race.