North West Cyclocross League

Round 3 (2nd Junior)

After coming away from my first cyclocross race of the season, I realised I had to do a bit of training so I spent the next two weeks training to try and get my fitness up to standard again. So I turned up to this race feeling confident that I could get a podium position, and looking at the course it was going to be another wet one but a bit shorter with more twists and turns in it.

It hadn’t rained all day and it was looking good for my race, I was gridded onto the second row so I had a good opportunity already. The race began and I pushed myself into fifth place just behind the leader of the junior race, I stayed with him for about half a lap until I made slight mistake on an incline and I got my line wrong which gave him a 10 second lead.

He kept this for the whole race but I was focused on trying to chase him, but also keep my second place position for the entire race. I managed to do this making sure I raced smart by changing my bike as soon as I could to have a faster race time, and making sure I was staying clear of all the mud as much as I could.

On the last three laps I had to push harder to keep my position, because third place was chasing. I knew that on the last lap I had to get a bike change in as soon as I could and just go from then onwards pushing hard until the end so I didn’t waste time in the change and give and opportunity for third place to catch me.

Overall I had a really good race and I was happy to come away with second. Hopefully next time I can get an even better race in and get a good position in the up coming national races.