I arrived on the morning of the race at the new Pembrey circuit. At first I noticed that there wasn’t as many racing as usual, I was quite happy as I thought I might have a chance. The course was not technical, but narrow with a hill and a fast descent.
My start was a faff as I missed my pedal and dropped back through the pack. I then spent the first 15mins repositioning myself. Throughout the race there were attacks. I attacked myself twice before realising it wasn’t my day for that. I spent the race riding in the top 15 before getting to near the front at 3 laps to go and then being swamped and drifting back, leaving me poorly positioned for the bunch sprint, so rolled in with 32nd.
I’m happy with how I rode in the bunch during the race, as I rode quite smart. Although in the final sprint I wasn’t aggressive enough, and didn’t trust my form enough.
All in all solid well done to the rest of the team ( oh and thanks Will for checking how hard the ground was!) I’m now looking forward to Brands Hatch next weekend.