British Mountain Bike Series -Round 4 – Phoenix Bike Park, Suffolk – 9/6/18 – 5th – Ben Bright

My course recce on the Saturday showed me it was what I expected of a Bikepark; hard-packed and jumpy. The track was primarily flat with short steep ascents, before each drop or set of jumps. There were 3 A-lines, 2 of which were steep skate park style drop-ins and the last a rocky climb going into the finish straight.

I started my warm up early in order to make sure I was on time, although my luck still seems to be having a laugh because I was given the wrong number and chip?!

I had a good start off the start line and was within the top 10. I worked my way up into the top five where I stayed in the mix and focused on being smooth and conservative for the fast finish. After 3 laps (out of 5) the pace increased and my legs felt good, although probably because of the adrenaline and excitement of riding in the lead group. Within the last lap I was flapping, leading to some scruffy descending which gave them a small gap which soon stretched. I didn’t have the speed with fatigued legs, so I rolled in taking fifth.

All-in-all my form was good and I have seen an improvement in my start and technical ability, but most of all thanks to the Trek Top-Fuel which allowed me to ride at my best. I’d like to thank all the sponsors, and the Bike Factory for getting hold of this awesome bike!