Broxton 14 mile TT – Race report Chris Mann

Race 1 of a two race weekend. I came into this TT thinking I can’t really empty the tank completely as I had a long Road Race the day after, but I wanted to test my TT legs out so I felt it was a good idea to do this one.

It was a really bright and fresh day, temperature at about 2-3 degrees, and was looking forward to getting into my TT. I’d been out on the TT bike earlier on in the week, but hadn’t touched it since New Year’s Day, so was hoping I would be alright holding my TT tuck.

I set off well, I got caught up with a few cars on the initial round about just 30 meters from the start line. I then had to pick my speed up then settle into a rhythm. I found that my deep sexton front wheel was catching the wind a lot and was struggling to keep steady on the first long straight, this knocked my confidence a bit but I stayed in my tuck and kept the power on. On the next turning, I found that it was more sheltered from the wind, and I could put the power down with more confidence, I still felt kind of within myself at this point, but was starting to feel the effort. After a few sharp bends on a really good surface,  I turned off onto the next section which had awful road surface and a cross/head wind which was quite exposed. I just stayed in my tuck and kept the power on, never going ‘eyeballs out’. After the next turning it was head wind all the way to the finish, so I stayed in my tuck and tried not to get blown around too much, I enjoyed he last two climbs before the finish as I could get out of my tuck and not get blown about as much! I finished off well, feeling like I could’ve gone a bit harder, but I went well enough for it to be hard.

I pb’d my time from last year by a minute and a half, and took the junior win by two minutes and a half. I managed to get inside the top 10 in a decent field, so overall I’m happy with the result! Time to rest and recover for tomorrow’s race 🙂

Thanks for my Dad for helping me prepare and get ready, and also Alan Overson on a fantastic come back ride!