NWCX Round 6 – Hawarden

Over the last few days the weather wasn’t great as it was raining and hailing which meant that the ground for today’s race was very muddy and slippy. When we arrived at the car park it was pretty much full which led to the series having their biggest turnout so far. Once my numbers were pinned on I went for a practice lap to see what the course was all about. Halfway through my first practice lap I had a problem of a pinch puncture but luckily I found Will H’s dad and Will who very kindly got me sorted and back on the course quickly. Thank you Simon 🙂

After my Practise lap I headed to the start line. As usual the start was fast but was a bit of a drag into the first corner as it soon narrowed down. The first lap was very sticky and we were all fighting to get past each other. Mid way through the second lap the mud was quite deep in places, I got caught on a twig which meant I crashed and landed badly on my right hand. After this I was in pain the whole race which wasn’t good as when the course was progressively getting sloppier I had to dismount and push which was really painful. As the laps dragged on I was trying to handle the pain which saw me pass some riders and gain some positions. At this point my bike was really heavy due to the large amount of mud that was clogging up. About 45 minutes into the race the course was destroyed so the majority of the lap saw a lot of riders including myself running with the bike as it was faster. I had noticed that a few people ended up dropping out of the race as the course was really tough. But it wasn’t going to be me.

Overall I was happy with how I rode considering I had damaged my right hand early on in the race. Also this is definitely the hardest course that the series has seen so far and the hardest course I have raced on. Well Done to everyone who took part today a fantastic turnout and well done to my Mtrt Team mates.