I started my usual race routine; packing, checking, driving, arriving. After the long 5 hour trek down to the Cyclopark, there was an immediate rush to get on the course and get the 45 minutes of practice in.

The course was very flat and had many ‘technical’ sections, including sand, gravel, grass, steep, off camber and hurdles. Resulting in a fast and flowi


ng race, with wide long stretches of track which made passing a charm.

I prepared for the start through warming up and so on, and as the start neared riders emerged from their vans. The buzzing settled as the whistle was about to be blown. Start. The group stretched and riders were shoulders to shoulders, fighting for position.I, meanwhile, was hanging on and trying to survive . The group thinned out making it possible to pass, I worked my way through swiftly. I rode smoothly, and continued to progress through the field. I came in to the finish and nabbed one last position, this gave me 9th.

I’m pleased with my result, as I finally got a top ten. But I’m now looking to the next round, and determined to get a better result.

All in all my performance was positive, but I need to improve my starts in order to progress within this discipline of cycling.