I won the Welsh Champs! With many years of training and getting so close I finally got what I wanted and won the welsh jersey for the first time in ages.

The weather was hot the hottest it had been in a while, the previous day I had fallen off my bike and had fractured my little finger which limited my ability to grip my bars. I raced anyway on the Sunday because I had been waiting for the race for ages.

The race started and I was within the top three entering the first section, we stayed like this leaving the rest of the field behind us dropping behind slowly. We started the return loop back to the arena when one of us crashed out leaving me and another rider to carry on. It stayed me and him neck and neck until the second lap where he managed to pull away from me and he stayed in front until the end of the race.

I knew that he was a rider who I knew was not a welsh rider so I knew that if I couldn’t keep with him then I could beat the rest of the of the welsh riders to gain the welsh jersey.

By the end of the race I was shattered but I knew that I had won the welsh jersey and I was really pleased with myself.