British National MTB Series Round 1 Llanelli – Pembrey by Scott Williams

This was the first race of the National Series and being first year U16 I was slightly disappointed with my gridding of 27th on the start grid so I knew it was going to be hard work.

The race started and we all left the start line in a huge rush to get into that single track first, the start funnelled into a smaller grassy track and I had gained a few places just before we got into the smaller track. Just behind me there was a crash as the group funnelled in closer together, I just managed to miss it as the riders behind were rubbing my back tyre as they fell.

I managed to get into the single track about 24th. I fought for my position all the way along the single track and gained a couple more places by doing this.

The first A line was a gap jump which looked very hard but was easy, next it was a rooty extremely steep short descent which was very technical and the third was a drop off called Hobbit Hole. I had practiced the A Lines and felt comfortable with all of them and this is where I overtook a lot of riders because the A lines were faster than the B lines.

I worked really hard on lap 2 and managed to catch up with a group who were following an ODA (Olympic Academy) rider. I was now in a group of 8 riders fighting for position. We came to the rooty A line and one of the riders two places in front of me crashed, we had committed to the A line so we had to stop, get off our bikes and negotiate our way around him – that’s when I lost the group and I couldn’t catch the group again and stayed 13th for the rest of the race with no one anywhere near me when I finished. I was happy with my race, gaining 14 places from gridding and looking forward to the rest of the series.