Midlands XC series Round 1 – Sherwood Pines – 1st ,  19/3/17. Ben Bright

Usual protocol arrived on time but underestimated the length of the course, so only had time for one practice lap but wasn’t terrible because the course was not very technical. I had to begin my warm up immediately because of this, but this made no difference as my race began 25minutes late!

My grid position wasn’t ideal (at the back) but most of the racers were shivering after the wait anyway. The start was fast but thanks to the wide tracks, I was able to nip by people without trouble luckily. I found myself in the leading group and still felt good, so I made a dig and went for an attack and held a gap by the end of the first lap. My attack grew and grew until I had a comfortable lead over the other riders, it was a very smooth and fast race and I had no hiccups.

The race couldn’t have gone better in my opinion, I have left the race with more confidence for the British in two weeks after breaking the mould with a few of my main opponents. All in all a great result and super motivating.