Rhyl CC Spring Race – Steve Bradbrook

Dad Bradbrook

Not much to report so I’ll bullet point it!

  • Race started, clipped in.
  • Dropped at about lap 3 then settled into bit and bit with a rider and picked a few more stragglers up.
  • Main bunch caught us but we continued in our group.
  • Bunch caught us again with about 5 laps to go, I just continued at my pace to finish alone.

This all sounds rather negative but this is just a build up until the winter CX season so not concerned and felt stronger than last year but tired from a hard weeks training. I’ll add that all the MTRT-Trek riders, all younger than myself, performed very well. They raced hard and with a lot of enthusiasm, some have gone up into older age categories and got great results.

Thanks has to go to sponsors, coaches and parents.

Note to youngsters: just because you didn’t win doesn’t mean you didn’t race well, sometimes you learn more from not winning. Well done team and I will do better.