British Cyclocross Championships Bradford U14’s -12th

The course was tighter and narrower than the other British race I did, this made it difficult to pass and it was a bit of an argy bargy race. People in the race were frustrating because they were shoulder barging and cutting each other up, it was frustrating because most opportunities to pass got ruined by another rider flying in to the corners way to hot and almost taking me and others out. Anyway the course was good fun when there was space, this race was another case of picking people off because of my grid position. Not really that happy with my result because I know I would have done better if I had a better grid position, I’m going to take this as another learning experience . As a positive, really enjoyed riding the carbon rims they felt stiff and sick! I’m feeling motivated to get a win now and I’m ready to train HARD 😉 !