Alyn Waters, Round 8 North Wales Cyclo Cross Series  11/12/16

Ella Oldfield

After reading the Facebook posts about how muddy the course would be I had pictured a mud fest! However, after riding the course, I was pleasantly surprised. The course was a long circuit with some some fast, flat sections and steep wooded ascends and descends. There were some muddy sections where it was difficult not to slip. Due to the National Trophy race numbers were lower today. A mechanical during the practise laps meant a last minute bike swap – thanks Ioan!

screen-shot-2016-12-11-at-20-59-14As usual under 14’s and 16’s started together but after the first hill the riders began to separate. I found myself in fourth position. After the rider in second place crashed Ieuan and I worked together for the back section of the first lap. I managed to pull away from Ieuan on the second lap and found myself in second position behind Ifan. For the rest of the race I worked hard at increasing the gap between myself, 3rd position and the second girl. Luckily I managed to stay on the bike today and maintained my second position for the rest of the race.