Race report Chris Mann – Black Cat Orme Hill Climb

It was a lovely day for a hill climb today, pretty much clear skies and also a following wind to go with the course! The start was from the toll gate at the bottom to the café at the top, I’ve only ever done this a couple of times, but I felt I knew it fairly well!

image-15-09-2016-at-19-59 I was number 18, so had plenty of time to warm up beforehand which is always crucial and got off to a quick start, I knew I could afford to really burn it on the first section of hill as is was followed by a descent and then a flatter road where I could recover slightly. I also knew that this was a very short climb so pacing wasn’t as important. After the little descent, I started to just recover until the flat bit where I was in ‘full time-trial mode’ because I was travelling at 40kph so aero was everything! The road really starts ramping up when you get a glimpse of the top, it was there where I got into my little ring for the first time and I decided to just give it everything I’ve got because it was really motivating to see the finish which must’ve been just under 1 mile to go! By now I had also overtaken my 2 minute man and was closing in on my minute man. I caught him just as the climb got to its steepest gradient which gave me a real boost in confidence! It was just after this point where I knew there was probably 300m to go so I just put everything on, legs and lungs were burning as I crossed the line (which is always a good sign I suppose!). I ended up with 2nd place and a time of 6 minutes 29 seconds!

Thanks for all the sponsors for the support and family for taking me! Looking forward to my next race now, can’t wait!