Race report Chris Mann – Scarborough National (final round)

The weather was dry and hardly any wind – perfect for my first national! I knew beforehand how tough the course is and I wasn’t feeling too well so my aim was to just hang on and not attack.

The race had 5 laps of a short course (flatter) and 5 laps of a longer course (hilly). The race started off fairly quick, with a few attacks going off the front but all being brought in very quickly. With about 2 laps of the short course, everything had calmed down and everyone just wanted to get on the longer and hillier course. Once we got on that course, I had made my way towards the front of the race, and was in an alright position on the decent, we dropped down the decent together and once we got to the climb, the front group (around 10 riders) went off the front, I stayed with them for the first climb, but it took everything out of me and that’s when I knew I wasn’t right. By the top I was feeling dizzy and out of energy, by the next time round I hadn’t recovered properly and was going backwards, I got on with the bigger middle group and could stay with them up the climb with no worries, but was in no state to try and bridge across to the front. On the 3rd lap of the big course, on the decent, I dropped my chain! As everyone was already going so fast, they all flew past me and I had already got caught by the back of the race. I ended up staying there for the rest of the race, coming in at around 65th out of 95 riders. Image 15-08-2016 at 19.51

I was disappointed with the result as I was expecting much better from myself, but it was definitely worth going as it showed me how to sort myself out before a race and also to try and keep myself out of illness! I’m really looking forward to the next season of nationals and am definitely much more prepared for bigger races.

Thanks to our sponsors and also my family for the amazing support!