MT Summer Series 2016 – Round 14.

A rainy and windy evening (10.08.16) saw an Omnium night at Marsh Tracks held by Black Cat Cycling Club. I decided to the adults race, as I thought it would benefit me more and meant I got more racing. We had three races, an Elimination Race, a Scratch Race and a Unknown Distance Race. It was decided that it would be a E/1/2/3/4, so there was a maximum of 10 points on offer with 12 people racing, unfortunately with the new BC rules youths can’t pick up points in adult races.image1-2

First was the Elimination Race, even though the first lap was neutralised we set off at a high pace, with me sitting in the top 5. It split up straight away so I was safe for the first couple of laps. Then as it came down to the last 5 riders, I then had to start sprinting to stay in the race. I managed to scrape through into the final 3. I went into the bottom corner third but managed to come out of the slip stream from the rider in second to get past him and take 2nd.

Next was the 12 lap Scratch Race, we were set off in two groups, 3/4 and then E/1/2. I was in the 3/4 group and we had a 45 second head start. But we didn’t work well together and they soon caught us. I was positioned too far back to cling onto the back of the two riders who had caught us as they went straight off the front. One got away from the group and I tried to get across but I was bought back. In the sprint from the rest of the group I either came 3rd or 4th, so 6th or 7th overall in the race.

Finally it was the Unknown Distance Race, a race where it’s up to the Commissaire to decide how long the race is. As a youth rider I’m used to getting a quick start and was off the line first leading the bunch into the first corner. Then the two E/1/2 riders from Rhino Velo lifted the pace, and tried to split it up. I slotted into the line and followed the wheels. Then one of them got a mechanical, so it was left to the other one to keep the pressure on. He attacked and got off the front, then I realised I was only in a group with another four riders, so we needed to keep going to get a top position. After 5 laps the bell was rang, and I got myself ready for the sprint. I came into the bottom corner 3rd but got 2nd on the line. So 3rd overall in the race.

I’m not sure where I came at the end of the 3 races, but I presume I got a top 5, with a 2nd, 6th/7th and 3rd. I’m surprised I could even ride as I could hardly see a thing during the races with all the spray. Really happy with another solid performance against the adults.