This Tuesday saw myself do my first 25 of the season. A field of just 7 riders, meant I had a good opportunity for a top placing. The conditions for tonight weren’t too bad, there was a bit of a swirling wind, but it didn’t effect me too much.

I was fifth rider off the start line, but was nearly late for it as they had changed the order around. Once I was off, I settled in to a comfortable pace and got into my aero position. On the way out to the Ruthin roundabout the first time I wasn’t pressing on at all, on the drags I wasn’t accelerating and on the flat I was spinning a nice smooth cadence. It was the same story back to Denbigh, I knew it would be really tough near the end, so I wanted to save as much energy as possible. I had a rough idea of a time and the average time needed to reach it, by the Denbigh roundabout I was just short of it.
Tom 25m TT
From then I upped it, but still not going full gas. I would just squeeze on a bit more and accelerate over the drags. Around the 40 minute mark I popped a gel, just to give me that extra boost. I had crept over the average speed I was looking for, but still had more to give. I was really blowing, but the legs were still feeling good. Around the Ruthin roundabout I came again, and from there it was everything I had. I was giving it my all. Now I wasn’t focusing on my Garmin I was just pushing as hard as I could. The drag back up the Denbigh roundabout killed me, I tried to accelerate out of it but my legs couldn’t give anything else. I got my average speed back over 24mph. I got my head down, gritted my teeth and whacked it into my biggest gear and drove for the line. ‘Seven’ I shouted, the pain was over. Even though I went out fifth I was the second rider to cross the line.

Once I had rolled back to the lay-by and got changed, the results were announced. I came second in a time of 62:25, behind Mike Lewis who broke the course record with a time of 56:33! I was really pleased with my time and how I had knocked off just short of 5 minutes from my previous PB.