A short sharp shock to the system this one.  1.2km with no real warm up on quite a cool blustery lunchtime designed to coincide with the 1st day of the Tour.

Lots of kids turned out for this one, at least two got lost (!) which may have been testament to not allowing any practice round the course before.

However, some great efforts by the organisers meant a post TT BBQ and the TdF projected on the Marsh Tracks clubhouse wall.  Nice!

‘Tom the trooper’, as he will become known, had been out for a proper training ride with some hard efforts just before the TT and was tired but still up for a little more pain.  Good on you Tom 😉  I was perhaps even less prepared and feeling more than a little cold, even a bit shivery at the start.  I was in the last batch off and as will always be the case on such a short TT, put absolutely everything I had in to the start and was quickly down in to position.

MTRT TT July 2nd 2016

I’d changed my front wheel from the deeper 303 to a Cero AR30 to ensure I didn’t get whipped off by the wind which was blowing – as it always does – at the track.  I was glad of the change as I had to lift off and get on to the drops on two windy corners which ain’t good for the soul – this kind of TT doesn’t suit me at all, I’m no sprinter – and feeling that I couldn’t give it full gas on every part of the circuit just taps away at the psyche.  That said you don’t get much time to get in to a full blown depression as the lap only lasts about 1m 45s 😉

I came round the final corner, stood up and sprinted with all I had, which I suspect isn’t a pretty sight, then flopped on to the bars at the finish feeling a little sick.  I shared a few thoughts with some of the other rider, walked to the clubhouse and resisted a beef burger but watched a bit of the Tour before my chauffeur arrived.

Tom had come a creditable 4th and I’d won by a few tenths of a second.  As Darren says, a win is a win to which I have say, I concur 🙂  Another 30 points in this year’s league; a league shaping up to be a really tight battle where every extra point will no doubt count…