Quite blustery conditions for today’s race, dry tarmac and slightly overcast. There was me, Ben and Tom racing for the youth A’s, there were two Energy Cycles riders also present.

The race started off fairly slowly as the other riders around us weren’t pulling through on their turns. Me, Ben and Tom decided to try and get away from the bunch and within 15minutes into the race, we made a decisive break with Ben powering away with me and Tom following, taking the other riders by surprise, we got a sizeable gap and extended it as we all worked hard to stay away.

We worked at a good pace all the way round, taking equal turns on the front and extending the gap all the time. On the last lap we slowed down and decided to go for the sprint, I was the first to attack off the front and I decided to go just before the second to last turn, down towards the club house. I put my head down and found I kept a gap to the finish line to take the win! The order was me, Ben then Tom so a 1, 2, 3 for MTRT!

It was a fantastic team effort by us to dominate and to show that we can do some damage as a team! Also, I’m really happy to take my first win of this season!